1.   Jackie Hayes was on call, trying to help SC figure out how to improve communication; suggested that SC write letter requesting to be included on Academic Council. AC is new group designed to look at any new academic initiatives—includes academic ppl plus HR, finance, etc. Josh, Theresa and Bridget met to discuss, drafted letter to AC.

2.   Bridget read letter aloud, Theresa reported that there was discussion with Jackie Hayes about facebook or skype discussion between AC/SC

3.   Round re feedback for letter:

Josh—thinks we should send the letter out soon

Vanessa—thinks we should have seat at table

Holly—agree that letter sounds great, important for student voice

Imogen—letter is great

Tina—letter great, what is the different between AC and other councils?

Katy—letter great,; looking at circle of councils, didn’t see interest from admin in being involved

Bridget—AC seems like it came from admin, but regardless probably makes sense to have SC involved

Josh—felt that Jackie Hayes seemed really interested in trying things and because she is interested makes sense to go along/engage

Molly—really likes line in letter about avoiding snap judgments

Theresa—good with letter being signed by council. In terms of circle of councils, thinks it makes sense to continue working on that and/or restarting it; parallel effort to AC involvement; feels it makes sense to go ahead with getting AC representation

Carol—strongly endorses letter, agrees that if they are willing to let us sit, we should jump on it. Carol explained the EDU faculty members meeting with Barbara that was positive.

Vanessa—gave brief report on experience of EDU faculty at residency, dinner with Barbara, in which they seemed to have felt that they were heard in a different way , Barbara brought up mediation, etc

Bridget—motioned to send out letter, will do so tomorrow.

4.   Theresa, Tina and Katy discussed Council of Councils. Tina explained that it came out of last retreat, and it has also been hard to keep up notifications within SC because there has been so much turnover in SC. They met a few times—2 SC reps, 2 program directors, 2 faculty councils members. Tina has been trying to restart it and it seems like there is energy in individual councils. The question is whether to dissolve it if Academic Council or something similar is going to serve the same function.

5.   Katy is concerned that the Council of Councils kept being told that things were “too tense” with admin to really get things done.

6.   Theresa wonders if there is a CoC charter

7.   Tina says there is an initial vision/mission but never formalized; a blanket statement was provided

8.   Theresa suggests that we familiarize ourselves with that mission/vision statement. It was agreed that CoC has mostly gone by the wayside.

9.   Imogen wonders if anyone is interested in keeping CoC going. Feels that we tried it this way and it didn’t work but we should still try something else.

10.                 Tina feels that we shouldn’t dissolve it without a good reason, and that perhaps other things are being done to accomplish the same goals

11.                 Theresa feels that SC has had conversations with admin AFTER something has happened…Bridget, Josh and Theresa have been talking about being proactive instead and in addition too. Doesn’t think that CoC needs to be disbanded just because we are doing AC

Tina—would like to see if CoC reps can chime in on other council calls, and looking at yearly meetings for CoC

Katy-doesn’t feel like CoC was meant to be in opposition, wanted to invite admin to dial us into conversation, wasn’t meant to be antagonistic but that is how it was perceived. Don’t really mind if it lives or dies

Bridget—likes idea of having meeting at retreat to keep lines of communication open, whether or not it is through CoC

Molly—thinks it would be helpful to share what we are working on, ways to communicate with other councils

Theresa—recalling undergrad student governance, had lots of information, lots of “seats at the table” and is interested in exploring representation models

Carol—would like to have some sort of platform of communication between programs. Felt that there were people who were on SC or wanted to be and those people were in it solely to scare admin.

Josh—hope that CoC doesn’t die, at least not without good replacement, and not be afraid to ruffle feathers

Vanessa—very interested in exploring other ways to have councils work together, is happy to work on that

Holly—will read up on it! Thinks there needs to be communication

Theresa—for next meeting, put agenda item on to talk next steps

12.                 President Vacarr’s response to letter. Did poll of students, got about 40% response rate, data was sent to Jackie Hayes and Barbara Vacarr. Got positive response from Barbara, said thank you for collecting. Wants to talk further with Susan as well.

13.                 Imogen talked about email from Barbara about mediator. There are three students to be selected, though students did not get email. Theresa received email fwded that was from Barbara.

Proposal made to choose three students and send.

14.                 Josh suggests that we possibly send non SC folks as well. However, that doesn’t seem to be in the letter of the invite.

15.                 Theresa—in favor of Josh’s suggestion, could go if needed

Carol—not a student anymore, asking Dustin if she can go as alum

Josh—if we don’t get three names we should email the rest of SC and also asked Dustin if he could be an alum

Holly—in favor, could do it

Imogen—in favor, couldn’t do it

Katy—in favor, could go and would like to go

Bridget—in favor, available


Theresa—have name on list if we need a third

16.                 Josh proposes that we send letter to Barbara naming Bridget, Molly and Katy, and that we have Theresa, Holly and Vanessa as just in case.

17.                 Proposal passed, Josh will send letter.

Check out:

Carol—very productive meeting, excited about new members, GREAT

Josh—great meeting, thanks

Vanessa—great first meeting, excited to work on communication stuff especially

Holly—great first meeting, excited to be part of this

Imogen—productive meeting

Katy—productive meeting, thanked Josh especially

Molly—great first meeting, inventing new word that means apprehensive and excited

Bridget—thanked everyone 



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